I want a piece of the Arena Naming Rights trend.

After all, I’m the one they’re targeting.

The Assembly Hall in Champaign Il needed major renovations.  The University struggled with coming up with the cash for the needed repairs.  State Farm steps in and writes a check for $60 Million.  $2m a year for 30 years.  The concept is easy to comprehend.  Media is to call the Assembly Hall “The State Farm Center” from now on.  Never mind we’ve called it Assembly Hall since 1963 – we’re supposed to in kind graciously go along with this arrangement and call it State Farm Center.  Only problem is – we’re in the advertising business too.  I am under no obligation to call the building anything.  The public knows it as Assembly Hall, why not continue calling it that on my air?

State Farm of course is counting on media to blindly go along with this arrangement – and oddly many do.

I propose next time, take some of that $60m and spread it among local media – and obligate us to call the building what they want us to call it.  It wouldn’t be an insane amount.  Say, $10k per radio & tv group in the area.  This way, they’ll be sure to get what they paid for.