LIST: Top Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids & Adults!


Did yours make the list?

Most popular costumes for children:

1. Action/superhero

2. Batman character

3. Princess

4. Animal (cat, dog, monkey)

5. Spider-Man

6. Star Wars character

7. Witch

8. Marvel Superhero (excluding Spider-Man)

9. Pirate

10. Disney Princess

Most popular costumes for adults: 

1. Witch

2. Batman character (Batman, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, etc.)

3. Animal (cat, dog, etc.)

4. Pirate

5. Marvel Superhero (Spider-Man, Captain America, etc.)

6. Vampire

7. Zombie

8. DC Superhero (excluding Batman and Wonder Woman)

9. Star Wars character

10. Slasher movie villain

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