[WATCH] Some Super Bowl TV Commercials Already Released

The ‘Big Game’ is set to kick off tonight at 5:30 PM and while some people will be watching to see who wins the football game, others are watching to see who wins the best TV commercial.

Check out the already released TV commercials for several big names below!

Super Bowl LII will air on NBC-TV with Pink planned to sing the National Anthem and a halftime show featuring Justin Timberlake with special guests.

Budweiser – ‘Stand By You’ 

Stella Artois – ‘Taps’

Amazon – ‘Did Alexa Lose Her Voice’

PETA – ‘Redemption’

Pringles – ‘Wow’

M&M’s – ‘Human’

Tide – ‘Bradshaw’s Locked Out’

Michelob Ultra – ‘The Perfect Fit’

Universal Studios – ‘Peyton Manning – Quarterback Vacation’

Amazon – ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’

Dorito’s / Mountain Dew – ‘Blaze vs. Ice’

Lexus – ‘Black Panther’

Febreeze – ‘The Only Man Whose Bleep Don’t Stink’

Groupon – ‘Who Wouldn’t?’

Avocados From Mexico – ‘Bubble Dome Riot’

Squarespace – ‘Make It Happen’

Jack In The Box – ‘Jack vs. Martha’

Sprint – ‘Do The Math & Switch To Sprint’

Bud Light – ‘The Bud Knight’

Pepsi – ‘This Is The Pepsi’

Coca-Cola – ‘The Wonder Of Us’

WeatherTech – ‘American Factory’

KIA – ‘Feel Something Again’

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