On average, once every nine days in the United States, and it is devastating: A child dies of heatstroke after being left in a parked vehicle.

Pets or kids, just don’t do it! 

I read a story today that just took place 2 days ago in Kentucky. A 30 year old mom went into a store and left her 3 year old buckled in his car seat. She reports, that she was only gone in for a few minutes. However, a short few minutes later, when the authorities had arrived, the toddlers temperature was 113 degrees. 113 is a very dangerous temperature for anyone and can cause heat stroke! So please, never leave a child or a pet in a vehicle ever, let alone when it hot outside!  When temps outside range from 80 to 100 degrees, the temperature inside a car parked in direct sunlight can quickly clime to 130 to 172! Let’s leave the ‘hot dogs’ for the BBQ.